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Guest Speakers

Jan: 15th/03--Gary Greff-President.West River Regional Tourism Council

Feb: 19th/03--Don Maus-V.P. American State Bank

March:  19th/03 - Mike Walton, ND Food and Lodging Health Inspector

November 20, 2002

Guest Speaker - Belinda Davis, Economic Development Director, Hettinger/Grant Counties

October, 15, 2002

Today we had a speaker from the Tourism Bureau in Dickinson come and speak to us about Tourism in our region of the state. The main tourists in the fall are Pheasant hunters from out of state. They have put together a brochure together advertising some of the attractions we have in ND. The maps includes the neighboring states. If you would like more information you
may use their website www.dakotawestadventures.com.

The meeting was called to order by President Dan Thompson. Secretary's report was read by Secretary Dani Krebs Treasurer's Report was given by treasure Pastor Murphy

Old Buss:  The Plate drop at the jamboree did not go as well as expected it was windy that day and the plates were carried away by the wind. The older kids got most of the plates and the younger kids were disappointed next year we may need a better plan if we want to continue the plate drop. A possible scavenger hunt has been mentioned. Butch brought the display for the travel brochures in to show us we will need to get approval from the lions to be able to hang it up in the Lions Park.

New Buss:
The proceeds from the Wheat Harvest Jamboree will go to the library and the pool. The Lions Club would like to have a Christmas lighting contest for the weekend (Fri. 22nd) the city will be performing Christmas in New England they would like to know if the chamber would liked to be involved in this that weekend. The chamber decided that we would not have time to plan
anything that soon and that we needed more time. The Lions Club will do the planning for that weekend. They were also talking about making plans with Mike Thornstenson to have a Sleigh rides with his horses. Meeting was adjourned next meeting will be held on Nov. 20th at Slope Electric.

Recording Secretary,
Dani Krebs

Sept. 9th, 2002

Vice President Kevin Schaefer called the meeting to order President Dan Thompson was unable to attend. Minuets were read by Secretary Dani motion to approve minuets was made by Pastor Murphy second by Londa motion carried. Treasure's Report was given by treasure Pastor Murphy motion to accept made by Londa second by Dani, motion carried.

Old Business: Plate Drop we are having problems with a location Dan Gardner said that we could drop them on his land south of town as a last resort if we could not find anywhere else. There is also a possibility of the Golf Course, Larry will talk to the school about to see if we could bus some of the kids out there. If you have any plates to donate to the plate drop Please drop them off at the bank by Friday. Larry motioned to have the drop for kids ages 1-12 second by Jim. The banners made by Quality Quick Print are all done Jeremy will be coming around to collect for them. Thursday night we will be frying hamburger at the memorial hall at 7pm.

New Buss: On Thursday Shawn will be taped to be on the 5 and 9 O'clock news it will be filmed out on the Lawnmower track if you would like to add anything to the clip get it to Shawn. Glen will be announcing for the parade on Sat. Dan will talk to some of the election candidates to see if they would walk in the parade. Next meeting will be held on Oct. 16th after this meeting we will have to check ahead to see if the meeting room at Slope will be available, Slope will be having some board meetings on Wednesdays. Londa mentioned that the bank is available if we need to use it for some of our meetings.
Motion to adjourn meeting made by Londa second by Emil
Meeting adjourned.

Recording Secretary,
Dani Krebs

July 17, 2002 

Present:  Longbranch Lodging, Assembly of God Church, A & K Hardware, Global AdvertiZing, Arrowhead Lanes, Bear Tech Industries, NE Family Foods, American State Bank. 

President Dan Thompson called the meeting to order.  Londa Schwartz read the minutes from the previous meeting.  Secretary Danielle Krebs was unable to attend.  Motion to approve minutes by Cheryl Mellmer, seconded by Pastor Murphy, motion carried. 

Pastor Murphy gave the treasurers report.  Balances as of 6/26/02 – Checking account $1,144.62, Savings $474.36 and After Prom Party $316.45.  Motion to approve treasurers report by Cheryl Mellmer, seconded by Londa Schwartz, motion carried. 

Old Business:  Plans need to be finalized for the Wheat Harvest Jamboree.  The radio station will be meeting with Shawn Wolf next week.  We need to have a schedule of events in place at that time.   

Kerry Schorsch requested a better area to do an airplane drop for the kids.  Regulations state he must stay above 1000 ft if there is a crowd of people.  Dan Thompson will inquire with Kent Maershbecker if the drop could be made on the land south of the cemetery. 

Mike Koffler and Dan Thompson will be in charge of the parade.  Anne Wolf will contact people with horses for the parade and have them carry flags. 

It was discussed if the businesses would like to have sidewalk sales or something to get the people into the businesses that day.  If the businesses would like to sponsor paper plates for the airdrop they will be responsible to prepare the plates and get them to Kerry before Sept 14th.   

Workers will be needed for the noon meal and there will be two shifts for ticket sellers for the dance.  The meal will be at 11:30 at Memorial Hall.   Dan mentioned getting a sound system for the parade instead of using a fire truck.  

New Business:  Marlene Schaefer mention there has been a new person hired as a JDA Grant Developer for Hettinger & Grant Counties.  She suggested having her present at a future meeting to talk about what she has to offer. 

Kerry Schorsch suggested e-mailing him the minutes of the meetings and he will place them on the web page.  Londa will mention it to Danielle.   

An article was mailed to Dan Thompson from a newspaper in Calif., that Dave Berry wrote on places to vacation.  Dave had some negative remarks on ND….Dan & Londa constructed a letter and mailed it to Dave mentioning the wonderful things to see & do in southwestern ND. 

A thank you card was received from Gail Doe thanking the Commercial Club for sponsoring her in the ND Country Woman of the Year.  Good job Gail!!!! 

Londa will place an ad in the Finder & Eido for entries for the Lawnmower Race, Derby and Arts & Craft Show & Sale.   

A motion was made to give prizes for the parade of $50.00, $25.00 & $15.00. 

Pastor Murphy motioned to pay $200 to Bear Tech for a tourist brochure stand, seconded by Marlene Schaefer, motion carried. 

Walter Frank brought samples of different colors for the stand.  He asked if we could mention it to other communities and businesses.  They charge $300 for a large stand and $275 for a small stand.  For each one sold he will give $25.00 of the proceeds to the Commercial Club.  It was decided to wait and see what color design the Lion’s would use.  

Londa will check with Bob Karns to see if Rock’n Bob would perform for the 2003 Wheat Harvest Jamboree. 

Motion to adjourn by Pastor Murphy, seconded by Marlene, motion carried. 

Acting Secretary,  Londa Schwartz 

Aug.21st, 2002

Meeting was called to order by Vice Pres. Kevin Schaefer, Pres. Dan Thompson was unable to attend.
Minutes were read by secretary Dani motion to approve minuets was made motion was carried.
Treasure's report was given by Pastor Murphy motion to accept the minuets was passed, Welcome to our new comers Sheriff Marighney and Deputy Gant.

Old Buss:  Wheat Harvest Jamboree Shawn is having a herby derby this year it will be our new event this derby is with front wheel drive cars. Motion to have our next meeting one week early because of the Jamboree made by Larry second by Pastor Murphy. The noon dinner will still be a free will offering. We need approval on the banners from Quality Quick Print if you have not done so please contact Jeremy.  Shawn has expanded the lawnmower race track this year as of now it is the largest in the state. If any of the businesses would like to participate in sidewalk sales on Sat. you are on your own.  We need two groups of ticket takers for the dance from 8:30-10pm Cheryl and Larry and from 10-12 will by Emil and Jim. This year the parade will be covered on the radio it would be nice if we could have a nice turnout. Kerry Schorsch will be in charge of dropping the paper plates with the business coupons on them if you would like to participate you are on your own to make your own paper plates. On Thurs. the 12th we will be frying up the hamburger for the sloppy joes if anyone would like to help please feel free to do so. We will be having K-Hook dj the dance this year Bob Barnes has donated $100 to go toward the dj. THANK YOU BOB! We will also be having some extra events this year such as horseshoes and hole in one contests. Sat. the Golden West bar will be having a beer garden during the lawnmower raced spectators are allowed to bring their own beverages. Sun. there will be no beer garden but the bar will be open. Mr. Lechler's FFA team will be in charge of the concessions on Sun. Motion to adjourn meeting made by Gail 2nd by Londa meeting was adjourned next meeting will be held on Mon. 9th of Sept.

Recording Secretary,
Dani Krebs


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